My name is Tina and I specialise in massage and holistic therapies.

I moved to Wales in 2012 for a career as a geologist in the oil and gas industry however, after going through multiple redundancy rounds, the stress of the job took its toll on my physical and mental health and searching for something to help I fell in love with holistic therapies. They allowed an escape, and I found I would light up talking about the different treatments and the benefits they can have to a person, the benefits they have had for me have been incredible. I knew that this was my calling and I had to share this with everyone and so Serenity Holistic Therapies – North Wales was born!

For me, the holistic approach to treatments means treating my clients as a whole being, looking at the mind, body and soul together, consulting with my clients to find out what it is they are looking for and better understand the treatment that will be right for them. I am fascinated by how the mind and the body are so cleverly connected in every way. If your mind is relaxed and at ease, then your body will also feel relaxed. 

I have helped my clients find time to relax, feel more balanced, calmer, and able to positively deal with the pressures of life so they can be the best versions of themselves.  My client’s pain is alleviated without the use of drugs by tackling the cause as well as treating the symptoms.

Every treatment is tailored to YOUR individual needs.